About us

S. Jaspal Singh Chadha


Since its launch, in 1992 the company has rapidly grown to become a dynamic force in the hospitality industry in Delhi NCR and has recently started spreading its wings across the country through franchise routes. Shri. JS Chadha has been in the industry for the last 24 years. He has also been the winner of National Tourism Award for the Best Restaurant of India for 5 consecutive years and has received awards from the Prime Minister of India and the Vice President of India. It is one of Delhi NCR's leading restaurant chains since 2004 and has built a successful portfolio of concept to provide village themed restaurants to the urban young people and children, who have hardly visited the villages of the Panjab. The founder of Pind Balluchi, Mr. Jaspal Singh Chadha, comes from the Food & Beverage background and has applied modern management techniques to his chain of restaurants to create an aesthetically commendable blend of traditional and modern ambience. His ability to implement strong controls, systems and processes has attracted clients of major Corporate Houses and MNCs besides the regular diners.